How to Learn English in Easy Steps

Acquiring any language means understanding the language spoken or written by someone else. Also, we should be able to express our thoughts in that language. Learning a language requires both knowledge and expression of that language. We learn our mother tongue by speaking or listening to our parents, family and neighbors. English can be learned easily in the same way.

Language learning environment-

English language is not our mother tongue or dialect. Therefore, mother tongue learning environment cannot be provided to acquire it. However, such an environment can be created to some extent. After establishing the foundation of mother tongue till 10th and getting familiar with English, the next step is to choose a college where all subjects are taught in English. So the English language will fall on the ear again and again. Watch or listen to more English language programs on TV before coming to school.

Practice speaking the heard sentences by yourself-

First of all, most things are known from the context view. You have to make a comment on the small sentences heard and translate it yourself. By replacing the name in the comment with the names of our family members, we can create more sentences by ourselves, write them, speak them. Like other languages, English should be learned to speak first, then to write and then to read.

Increase language vocabulary-

Language is made up of letters, words and sentences. However, language is formed by the proper coordination of words made up of letters and sentences made up of words. It is not enough to memorize the spelling or meaning of any word. So it should also be able to be used in a sentence with proper context. Therefore, to study the English language, it is necessary to have a dictionary close at hand.

Grammar Help-

Language is not learned only after learning grammar. Where did we first learn grammar while learning mother tongue spoken from childhood. Grammar helps to learn English language perfectly. While speaking English, we can gradually study grammar.

After learning to listen and speak, learn to read and write.

Language is primarily for speaking. But, we have mastered the art of writing it and reading it. Every language has a specific type of speaking technique. So is the technique of learning English. But, while learning English, neglecting the mother tongue will not work.

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